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New Album Released: January 2021
“Lyin Cheatin Getting By '' was born from the ashes of 2020 and its relentless negativity. It’s a collection of songs that poke fun at pretenders and hypocrites, while simultaneously shining a light on the small things that enrich our lives. “The EP is indicative of my headspace and the mood of our country last year,” says Harrison. “I tried to make these songs lighthearted and fun, while still being rewarding for those who really dig into the lyrics.” Campbell recorded with Chris Mara at the historic Welcome To 1979 studio and a team of all-star team talent, including Ted Pecchio (Doyle Bramhall II, Susan Tedeschi, The Codetalkers) on bass, Benjo Markus (Dee White) on electric guitars, Hayes Smith Jr. on drums, and Aubree Riley on background vocals.
Lyin Cheatin Gettin By
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“Lyin Cheatin Gettin By” is the title track to Campbell Harrison’s new EP and a cheeky commentary on the dumpster fire that was 2020. 
Soul To Keep
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A quirky Neo-Americana tale of a selfish man who takes advantage of others all his life, but always thinks he has time for redemption... until he doesn't.
The River
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On Apple Music (AMERICANA) Hot Tracks for 14 weeks!
"The River is the foot-stomping, country-rock version of a tent revival"
- Music Update Central
Underneath the Skin
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A windows down, highway song reflecting the complexity of human relationships. Hope springs eternal; even during loss and longing.
- Devine Magazine
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Dreamer In A Bottle


1. Alive

2. So Long

3. Old Joey

4. For the Good Folk

5. Dreamer in a Bottle

6. Aunt Mary

7. Another Road Song

8. All Fall Down

9. Let It Out

10. Song to Sing

11. My Time Coming

Produced by Ben Hernandez and Paul Nassar, Dragonsong Studio, Atlanta, Ga. Distributed by Aegis Music

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Behind Glass


1. Goner

2. Behind Glass

3. Long Minute

4. Words On A Page

5. What They Say

Recorded and produced by Scott Mecredy at Music On Main Street, Lilburn, Ga and Joshua Golden, Downright Studio, Atlanta, Ga.

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