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Portal Productions LTD

Teresa Powell    November 16, 2017

Campbell Harrison has been aptly described as a blend between Jack Johnson, Bryan Adams and John Mayer, yet unique in his own right. Super talented and polished beyond his years… he’s got something special going on!

KSVR 91.7 FM Mount Vernon, WA / KSVU 90.1 FM Hamilton / Concrete, WA

Gregory Sweet, DJ    September 14, 2017

I just finished reviewing the new CD release by Georgia singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison titled "Dreamer in a Bottle,” an incredible debut CD by this Americana artist. Don't let the Americana "label" fool you. There is a hard edge to this music and great guitar work. Listen to the lyrics as well. My fave song is "My Time Coming" but there is a plethora of good music on the disc. "Old Joey, Another Road Song" and "So Long" are standouts as well. This is music you might believe came from a more seasoned road warrior. Pick this up. I have shared it with other hard core music lovers and they thought it outstanding as well. We will hear a lot more from this young artist and I hope to have the pleasure of hosting him on my radio show sometime in the near future.

Please Pass The Indie

Byron William    March 19, 2018

In all, the diversity of song styles on “Dreamer In A Bottle” is amazing. Harrison draws you in with his unhurried, ever-building melodies… with a debut album this strong, we can’t wait for the next!

Voodoo Chil Reviews (Blog)

Voodoo Chil    July 17, 2017

Another great release from this young artist. I've been waiting for a full album to see his full range and I'm blown away. Dreamer In A Bottle has a definite Indie sound going on, mixed with roots-rock, pop and even R&B - all done equally well. The songs Dreamer In A Bottle, Alive, So Long and Another Road Song have a "dreamy" quality reminiscent of Beck, but it something altogether new. The tracks Let It Out, Aunty Mary and Old Joey have a swampy feel and My Time coming simply kicks ass. Then there's two bonafide pop-rock hits in the first single, Song To Sing, and the sleeper, For The Good Folk. There's not a 'filler' in the whole batch. Harrison's acoustic guitar and voice give the album a comfortable mood that you'll want to hear over and over.


Panel Review    June 28, 2017

Campbell Harrison’s album Dreamer In A Bottle is a real surprise. This music makes me want to dance! It’s hard to categorize his genre, probably because his vocal styling and instrumentation aren’t what you’d normally expect. Several songs on the album mix great acoustic with scorching electric guitar with an old school Tom Petty organ. Then there’s the beautiful acoustic ballads! Wow! His website lists his style as Americana and rock, but I detected a strong blues influence as well. Just call it good. Campbell’s lyrics are deep and honest; coupled with his clear and distinctive voice, it’s hard not to find yourself singing right along. 

The Music Minute, Covington News

Marshall McCart    May 15, 2016

The other day, somebody left me a copy of Campbell Harrison’s EP, Behind Glass, and I’m sure glad they did. Man, this kid’s good! Like real good. Strong songwriting and vocal work combined with a high caliber recording quality made this a very nice listen. He had some help. Devin Harris laid down some killer guitar leads and Kofi Burbridge (Tedsechi Trucks Band) threw in some wonderful organ and flute work. And yes, you read that right – flute. It was a very nice touch. The title track is a keeper. “Words On A Page,” and especially “What They Say,” were my other favorites. He lists John Mayer, REM and Pink Floyd as influences and you can assuredly hear that in his music. Personally, I felt of a Jeff Buckley vibe as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Daily Buzz (online)

Staff    January 16, 2016

Raised between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison grew up around one of the best music scenes in the nation... and it shows. His debut EP, Behind Glass, is a surprisingly solid and mature effort that hooks you from the first listen. The initial song, Goner, starts off as a ballad, but takes an ethereal turn with slide guitar and a building rock finish. Campbell's voice has soft edges and the chorus and backing vocals are mesmerizing. The second song is equally strong with a classic roots feel, clean lines and dreamy guitar riffs. The remaining songs are also impressive, serving to showcase his songwriting strength and versatility. Kofi Burbridge (Tedeschi Trucks Band) lays down superb organ and flute tracks on two of the songs and newcomer Devin Harris scorches on lead guitar. Each song on Behind Glass leans a bit more or less to pop, rock and roots; however, the overall EP is bound together by Campbell's easy-to-listen-to vocals, strong lyrics and catchy melodies. Supported by a host of veteran artists, we will eagerly wait for Campbell Harrison's follow-up creations.

Album Release

Aegis Music    July 06, 2017

Campbell Harrison Announces New Album and Promotional Tour; New Single & Videos Released on Spotify, iTunes & YouTube


Covington native, Campbell Harrison is releasing his second studio production and first full album Dreamer in a Bottle (out July 15, 2017 on CHM/Aegis Music). The Americana-rocker will hit the road in late summer for a two-month promotional tour to support his release. Campbell plans to perform acoustic shows for intimate venues, but will break out his full-bore, electric band for larger settings. Song to Sing, a catchy new single from Dreamer in a Bottle, is now available onSpotify, iTunes and other major sites. The guitar track for Song to Sing is reminiscent of Jack Johnson, but Harrison’s signature voice takes the song in its own unique direction. Harrison also pre-released live YouTube videos of two other album tracks, All Fall Down and My Time Coming, recorded at Music On Main Street (Lilburn, Ga) and produced by Livejams (Atlanta).


After his critically acclaimed EP Behind Glass dropped in December of 2015, Campbell has been honing his craft with the guidance of Folk-rock legend Caroline Aiken and building a stable of impressive new songs. With Dreamer in a Bottle, he departs from the polished, full-production sound of his debut EP with a stripped-down, airy and often haunting, successor. Ranging from Americana and Contemporary R&B to straight up Blues and Rock, the album showcases Harrison’s distinctive voice and guitar style; reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new sound, unbounded by a conventional genre. Recorded at the Dragon’s Den (Dragonsong Productions) in Tucker, Ga, Ben Hernandez produced the album with vintage ribbon mics used by Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris to match Campbell’s breathy vocal style and earthy guitar work.


Fan Review    January 27, 2016

Awesoome EP!

Debut EP? Sounds polished and seasoned to me. Interesting blend of styles, good songwriting and amazing musicians. Looked up the lyrics - now I enjoy it even more. Love to catch this live!


Fan Review    March 12, 2016

Damn good EP

This is genuinely one of the best new artist/band I have heard in a very long time. All their songs have a really great feel to them and everything in them works so well together. It's fantastic! Also, this seems way too smooth and polished for being a debut, very impressive. Can't wait for the next one!