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Music Mecca

Paul Howard

With his sharp and introspective lyrics, beaming vocal delivery, and sparkling acoustic instrumentation, Harrison hits a home run with "Dig The Motion." It’s a triumphant and resounding record, and if authentic songwriting truly reigns supreme as it should, this Nashville songsmith will be right up there with some of the heavyweights.

Rambling Man's Reviews

Anselm Anderson

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Campbell Harrison is an emerging talent on the Americana scene. "The River" recently enjoyed a fourteen-week run on the Apple Music Americana Hot Tracks chart. Harrison combines deep lyrics with upbeat melodies that will leave you tapping your feet. He's been winning praise from national radio stations for his distinct voice and songwriting.


Broadway World

The Media Room

You can't put this young man into one genre, as a singer-songwriter and vocalist he can take you on a journey that includes Americana, Roots-Rock, Folk, Blues and Country. He certainly has developed a distinct style of music and it's not hard to know the voice behind the songs

Music Mecca

Rachel Koliabas

Admired among peers and fans for his illuminating storytelling and sticky melodies, Harrison is nat-urally skilled at molding multiple genres into a style that’s both recognizable and very much his own. 

KSVR 91.7 FM Mount Vernon, WA / KSVU 90.1 FM Hamilton / Concrete, WA

Gregory Sweet

I just finished reviewing the newest release by singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison... an incredible roots-rock debut. Don't let the Americana "label" fool you. There is a hard edge to this music and great guitar work. This is music you might believe came from a more seasoned road warrior. We will hear a lot more from this young artist and I hope to have the pleasure of hosting him on my radio show sometime in the near future.

Portal Productions LTD

Teresa Powell

Campbell Harrison has been aptly described as a blend between Bryan Adams and John Mayer, yet unique in his own right. Super talented and polished beyond his years… he’s got something special going on!

Gas Mask Magazine

Eric Reyes

The lyrics of "The River" captures [the spirit] of true Americana exceedingly well, flowing from a narrative quality into the ‘sing along’ chorus like a borderline prayer. Often, Americana is lost in the shuffle of Pop Country, pre-set playlists, and the white noise of the modern music industry. Fortunately, Campbell Harrison has both the raw talent and wordsmithing to carry him leagues above the chaff on the air-waves. He also elevates his art beyond the typical. I’m a fan and a believer, and I think you will be too. 

Mother Church Pew, Off The Stage

Susan Hubbard

Nashville-based troubadour Campbell Harrison's latest single, “The River,” is a roots rock anthem replete with hard-hitting lyrics and jam-worthy fretwork.

NeuFutur Magazine

James McQuiston

Campbell Harrison is able to blend together equal amounts Jane’s Addiction and Layne Staley, adding more than a fair share of bluegrass and alt-country to the mix. Hopeful and vibrant, Campbell’s unique vocals are equally matched with a soulful, sizzling musical riffs. 

Volatile Weekly


Campbell Harrison takes you on a nostalgic journey back to 70’s southern rock, which makes sense since Campbell was raised in the heart of southern music culture. His latest work reinforces what many already know, Campbell Harrison is a serious artist who makes powerful music.

Music Update Central

Tate Davis

Nashville singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison just dropped his newest single, "Underneath The Skin," and from the opening lines, "When she smiles it feels like sunshine" and "When she cries it falls like rain," you know you're in for a soulful and heartfelt journey. It's an excellent tune all the way around. We are very excited to see what lies ahead for this artist!

Voodoo Chil Reviews

Curated Playlist

Another great release from this young artist. I've been waiting for a complete studio album to drop to see his full range and I'm blown away. He definitely has an Indie sound going on, mixed with roots-rock, pop and even R&B - all done equally well and altogether new. Several tracks have a swampy feel and a few of the more rock tunes are simply kicks ass. There's not a 'filler' in the whole batch. Harrison's acoustic guitar and voice give the album a comfortable mood that you'll want to hear over and over.

The Music Minute, Covington News

Marshall McCart

The other day, somebody left me a copy of Campbell Harrison’s first EP and I’m sure glad they did. Man, this kid’s good! Like real good. Strong songwriting and vocal work combined with a high caliber recording quality made this a very nice listen. He attracts great supporting artists like Kofi Burbridge (Tedsechi Trucks Band) who add wonderful overlaid melodies and hooks. He lists John Mayer, Glen Campbell and the Allman Brothers as influences and you can assuredly hear that in his music. Personally, I felt a Jeff Buckley vibe as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Please Pass The Indie

Byron William

All-in-all, the diversity of song styles Campbell Harrison throws at you is amazing. Harrison draws you in with his unhurried, continually-building melodies… With a debut album this strong, we can’t wait for the next!


Campbell Harrison’s is a real surprise. It’s hard to categorize his genre, probably because his vocal styling and instrumentation aren’t what you’d normally expect. Several songs on the album mix great acoustic with scorching electric guitar with an old school Tom Petty organ. Then there’s the beautiful acoustic ballads. Campbell’s lyrics are deep and honest; coupled with his clear and distinctive voice, it’s hard not to find yourself singing right along.

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